Private Day School

First Home Care offers a private day school, whose philosophy of education encompasses both academic and emotional/social growth for each student. We structure the school environment to facilitate and enhance a positive sense of self respect and respect for others. Our school cultivates a constructive attitude for learning and emphasizes training on social skills. Family involvement is integrated in various ways to ensure that students carry positive behavior back to their home and community. The private day school is licensed through the Virginia Department of Education, licensed by Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services for day treatment services, and accredited by VAISEF (Virginia Association of Independent Specialized Education Facilities).

Private Day School services include:

  • Special education program for students with emotional disabilities who are not successful in traditional school settings
  • Enhanced decision making skills
  • Behavior management
  • Transition back to a less restrictive public school setting
  • Maintaining students within their community and close to their families
  • Close relationships with students, parents, school systems, and other agencies
  • A therapeutic academic setting

Our curriculum offers:

  • Certified educators in spacious classrooms
  • Low teacher-to-student ratios
  • One-to-one counseling (children who qualify for therapeutic day treatment services under the VICAP)
  • A day treatment counselor assigned to each classroom
  • Comprehensive K-12 curriculum aligned with local public school system
  • Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) testing
  • VAAP Assessment Administration

766 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard
Newport News, VA 23601

How to Refer:
Students are referred through the public school system’s special education department in conjunction with Community Policy and Management Teams (CPMT) and Family Assessment and Planning Teams (FAPT).