Behavioral Therapy Services

First Home Care offers an individualized behavioral therapy program funded through EPSDT to increase adaptive behavioral functioning in children ages 0 – 21, who demonstrate impairments in adaptive functioning. The behavioral therapy program is implemented in the home focusing on verbal behavior, natural environmental teaching and discrete instruction.

Behavioral Therapy Services offer:

  • Behavioral training to increase adaptive functioning and communication skills
  • Family member training in behavioral modification methods
  • Clinical service direction and involvement in the home environment
  • Coordination of other clinical services to increase adaptive behavior and communication skills
  • Current Medicaid/FAMIS Plus enrolled children under the age of 21
  • Clinically directed behavioral treatment provided in a home environment with family participation to increase adaptive skills, effective behavioral modeling, and training.

Applied Behavior Analysis is the process of systematically applying interventions based upon the principal of learning theory to improve socially significant behaviors to a meaningful degree and to demonstrate that the interventions employed are responsible for the improvement in behavior (Baer, Wolf & Risley, 1968; Sulzer-Azaroff & Mayer, 1991).

“Socially significant behaviors” include reading, academics, social skills, communication, and adaptive living skills. Adaptive living skills include gross and fine motor skills, eating and food preparation, toileting, dressing, personal self-care, domestic skills, time and punctuality, money and value, home and community orientation, and work skills.


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