Intensive In-Home Services

First Home Care offers intensive in-home services which provide person-centered, family focused, comprehensive, and coordinated support to assist individuals who need treatment in the least restrictive setting. The goal is to reduce the use of psychiatric hospitalization and residential placement by offering the support needed to keep families intact. The ultimate goal of the program is family preservation. The target population is for individuals ages 5 to 21 that live at home with natural parents, relatives or a legal guardian, or the family residence of the individual’s permanent or temporary foster care or pre-adoption placement. In addition, the individual must demonstrate a clinical necessity arising from a severe condition due to mental, behavioral or emotional illness that results in significant functional impairment in major life activities.

The goals of Intensive In-Home Services are to:

  • Preserve and strengthen family unity and improve the family’s ability to function with greater adaptation to stressors that may occur within the family
  • Prevent out-of-home placement and the significant disruption of the family that accompanies the crisis of removing an individual from the home
  • Bring psychotherapeutic intervention into the home to strengthen the family’s ability to cope with stress
  • Stabilize and improve the functioning of the individual and their family
  • Introduce and mobilize resources for the individual, the family, and the community to address the current difficulties
  • Transition the individual successfully back into the home and community
  • Coordinate external resources necessary to the improve the functioning of the individual/family
  • Demonstrate cost savings over traditional inpatient care
  • Coordinate services being provided to the individual and family for an integrated delivery system

Intensive In-Home Services are Medicaid eligible.

First Home Care also provides Family Centered Treatment (FCT). FCT is an evidence-based (OJJDP Model Programs Guide) family preservation model of home based treatment owned by a private non-profit organization devoted to the preservation of families through research, training, and development.

FCT is an alternative treatment service for helping families with troubled youth who have not responded to traditional approaches, such as incarceration, institutionalization and community-based treatment. An expansive range of youth can be effectively treated with FCT, regardless of diagnosis, offense history, socio-economic status, culture or willingness to participate. FCT is especially well suited for high-risk youth who are not responding to typical community-based services or who have been found to need institutional placement, as well as those returning from incarceration or institutional placement.

FCT is provided in the client’s home and community, in order to capitalize on the strengths and influence of the family system. Being in the home and community allows family-centered practitioners to provide options, interventions and tools that are relevant and useful in daily lives. Opportunities for change present themselves in real-life experiences, as opposed to artificial environments. The family learns to develop more effective methods for handling communication, conflict, the tasks of daily living and their needs for closeness. The family is not permitted to become dependent on therapists or additional service providers but is coached and expected to be able to handle problems as a family system. To learn more, click here.


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