Outpatient Services

First Home Care offers outpatient services to provide therapeutic treatment to individuals in the least restrictive environment. Services include diagnosis and evaluation, screening and intake, counseling, psychotherapy, behavior management and medication services. Outpatient services involve the individual in a specifically designed treatment program which is developed as a result of a comprehensive clinical assessment and diagnosis. Outpatient services are designed for those individuals who require treatment in order to sustain behavioral or emotional gains or to restore cognitive functional levels which may be impaired. In addition, individuals may have difficulty in peer relations, dealing with authority, poor impulse control, depression, or other symptoms which may impact their activities of daily living.

The goals of Outpatient Services are to:

  • Provide a comprehensive plan of care specific to the individual
  • Provide psychotherapeutic intervention to strengthen the individual and/or family’s ability to cope with stress
  • Stabilize and improve the functioning of the individual
  • Introduce and mobilize resources for the individual to address the current difficulties
  • Coordinate external resources necessary to the improve the functioning of the individual and/or family
  • Demonstrate cost savings over traditional inpatient care
  • Coordinate services to the individual/family for an integrated delivery system

Outpatient Services are Medicaid eligible.


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